why coffeemania?



We think about you, take measures, make decisions and implement for you on every matter that either comes to your mind or not, up to the selection of right location, architecture and decoration, seasonal menu creation and staff management. Whatever your job is, leave the cafe business to those who know it, leave it to us!

Because your benefit is priority for us,



A brand that gets its power from coffee, and its deep love of coffee!

We said true investor = true brand, by not giving concessions from quality with our principle of safe growth. In our journey we started with 4 branches in 2009, we have reached to 60 branches in Turkey and 3 branches abroad by 2016! With 1160 employees in total and a monthly average of 989,000 guests, we are a big family, that is Coffeemania, as you know it.



To differentiate between pathogenic and corrosive bacteria, to protect food from contamination, to identify the factors affecting bacterial growth …

These may not be the problems that came to your mind in the first place when you thought about opening a cafe, and you may feel helpless when it happens to you. But don’t worry, Coffeemania foresees all the problems you might encounter and produces practical solutions with the “standard operating procedure (SOP)”. In this way you cope with all the problems regarding cafe management with Coffeemania experience.

Our guidebooks having all the formulas of our bar and kitchen provide a method without exception for the standard taste and perfect presentation on all terms and conditions, without being dependent on the staff.

With the right staff selection and efficient staff training, we are always working for you to move your business one step further.



Our coffees Mania Blend and Espresso Portugal Blend, won the 2015 gold medal at the Coffee Tasting Contest, organized annually by Deutsche Röstergilde, German Gourmet Coffee Roasters Guild, where the best gourmet coffees compete. What enabled us to win this medal is our coffee roasting facility, My Coffee Coffee Roasting, which produces up to 14 tons per month by supplying the best quality coffee beans in green from different parts of the world and roasting them with the roasting machines having the latest technologies.



We carefully selected all the materials we use in our kitchen, from the brands each of which is specialist in its field. We kept the products, which were prepared untouched by hands in accordance with the quality standards, at -18 degrees and transported them to our branches under the same conditions. Here we have prepared safely for you and brought to your table. Bon Appetit!



not only during the establishment!

We develop regional marketing strategies guiding towards sales, and run branch-specific advertising campaigns with special design, so that the business owner can make maximum profit and protect the brand’s prestige. For every situation that could ruin the business owner's profits, we conduct on-the-spot inspections and provide training support with our professional team. We do not leave you alone in this pleasant, profitable and respectable path we walk together!



The quality standards we have created in order to present the same quality to our guests at each branch of ours, are meticulously implemented by our architectural team. Our architectural team, which has many years of experience in its sector, designs every architectural detail that you will need during the process in the best way and offers the best quality materials with the best prices. The machine park used for operation is supplied from top quality brands. Thus, the best food and drinks are prepared in this way and served perfectly.


Bu Senin İşin!


A brand that you can have a good time and make money…

A brand that you will be able to set aside time for yourself and raise the standards of your life…

A brand that is stable and unaffected by economic fluctuations, thanks to experienced brand support

You not only have your own business, but also become part of a dynamic, constantly growing and highly popular brand.

You are a "Coffeemanian"!